BA Healthcare, Alstef Group’s company, is specialized in medical robotics.

With the confidence of this breakthrough, BA Healthcare offers its know-how in the design and industrialization of robotic medical devices for new areas of application such as functional rehabilitation or people’s autonomy, with for example:

  • BA Healthcare has co-developed with GE Healthcare the DISCOVERY IGS 730, a revolutionary device that performs automatically high-quality intraoperative X-ray images.
  • Robo-K, a mobile robot for gait training which is a therapeutic device that will help patients who suffer from walking disability with a neurological origin (stroke, sclerosis, Parkinson disease, etc.). The process focusses on the patient, offering many different types of interaction, to reach an ecological rehabilitation leaving the patient wander around safely.
  • Vhipod, individual transport vehicle in a standing position with assistance for the sitting/standing passage for elderly or disabled so that they can stay home longer by giving them more autonomy to move.

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